The Hub

Bringing people together to create a culture centred around intimacy with God.

The Hub primarily stands as a “Hub” for Toowoomba to come together for Worship and Prayer. It is a place to bring people together to hear God , engage with God, and create a culture centred around intimacy with God. 

Psalm 1

I have been learning so much from Psalm 1. The Psalm starts with a song about walking in the ways of God, delighting in Gods words, meditating on His words, and bearing fruit in seasons. The Psalm gives us a really simple contrast of “the wicked” and “the blessed/righteous” man. The blessed man will bear fruit in season and the way of the wicked will perish. 

I’ve been meditating on this Psalm for a while and have been asking God to reveal the wicked things that are keeping me from being “a tree firmly planted by streams of water” and “yeilding (my) fruit in its season”. I have been very surprised at what I’ve been feeling God speaking to me about this. It is so simple! I realise my lack of “delight” in Gods word. The one thing that allows the Blessed man to bear fruit in season is his delight in Gods words and constantly meditating on them. It says that he meditates on them day and night! All the time! I have been learning to delight myself in Gods word, and it’s amazing how my perspective has started to shift. It’s like I have began to see the world around me like God does. His people, His creation.

Another lesson learned has to do with being “firmly planted” by the streams of water. I think to much we are always doing, and we are not just being. One thing we, at The Hub, have realised is that God is calling us to just BE. To BE with Him. BE listening to Him. BE responding to Him. BE near Him. BEholding Him. BEing a Child of God first and then doing the things He is asking us to do second. We strive so much to constantly be "bearing fruit" in all that we do. When Psalm 1 clearly lays out that we bear fruit in seasons. In the meantime we need to plant ourselves by His streams. His presence, His life. We need to just BE present in the moment He has for us. 

We can take a lot from Psalm 1. In amongst a lot of time processing and meditating, as the psalm suggests, there is a simple revelation God has given me in response to my prayers and questions. To keep from the "counsel of the wicked” I simply must have a good heart attitude towards His words. To delight in them. Meditating on them and reminding myself in all that I do His words and promises. While I’m working, or while I’m having a tea party with my daughter, or doing the dishes. By doing this, I’m firmly planting myself by His streams to learn, to grow, and to bear fruit. Learning to BE present in the moment, and take in what God has for me today. In doing this The Psalm says that we being like a tree "its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.” The reason we prosper is because we find our foundations in Him. Deepening our roots to be fed by His words.

Lord help us to delight in your words and be like the tree firmly planted by streams of water!

Gods Love Is For Everyone.

Hey all so just a quick post about what God did over the Easter weekend during Easterfest!! First of all HUGE THANKS for all the crew that put so much effort into this years festival. Also, have so much heart for Dave Shenk, Drew Vallejos, and Joy Argow who had been pushing this event for years. (Good on ya’ guys!!) A lot of what God did this weekend is thanks to them serving the Lord in preparing the ground and foundations of Easterfest all year. 

So the weekend was buzzing with the feeling of 'Gods Love Changes Everything'. The City was filled with people praying for others, encouraging conversation, and a subtle sense of belonging. I got the opportunity to pray with a handful of people, and see God encourage them and bring emotional healing. 

One women I felt to pray for as I was headed for the exit door of the Worship Venue. As I passed, I heard God to tell her the word “Light”. So I did, and turns out she has been in a transitional time and was confused to what God had for her next. She had options, but wanted to hear from God on what to do next. So we unpacked the word and prayed that God would light her path and show her. She said she was encouraged as she knew God was listening to her prayers as I delivered this word. We had some tears together as we also prayed for her family that they too would know this “Light” of the World. Jesus. It was an amazing time to minister, encourage, and leave her with Gods love. In return, she is a writer, and she handed me a book she wrote of her journaling of who God is. Stoked to read it!

Another time while leading worship I felt God wanted to let someone in the room know who was doubting that it was OK. God wasn’t worried about the doubt and that He loves you just the same as if you didn’t doubt. It was awkward, and everyone just blankly looked at me as I shared this. But later that day I ran into a young women who was there, and she said it was her!! What I was sharing was exactly what she had just prayed to God. She prayed, “God I just don’t know and feel like you don’t love me because of my doubt.” and she said she heard God say “To Listen”. With little faith she did. Then about a minute later I shared that God loves you even when you doubt! So cool!!! She was super encouraged and amazed at how clearly God was speaking to her.  

So to encourage you guys that are reading this, take the risk and pray for people and share with them what you think God is saying. Its not just for Easter weekend or Easterest! There are so many more stories like this throughout the weekend and encourage you to share them with people around you if you have some. Thanks heaps guys and hope this was encouraging!!